Always Be In For The Long-term

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Today, I watched the movie Rush.


It is one of the most brilliant films I have watched this year. And surprisingly, it is a true life story. It is about two race car drivers who were Formula One rivals. They both were world champions but one was world champion longer. The reason? That one was in it for the long-term, he never let a single win get too much to his head while the other celebrated his only win as if it was everything.

I was greatly touched by lessons in that movie -- from being focused and in for the long run to having a good grasp of your field.

It taught me to stop envying the people whose success are quicker and bigger than mine. Rather I should never stop improving. Not that my aim should be to beat them or make every more successful young person a rival, but that it is all unnecessary sadness to envy people who will soon flame out. Not all young very successful people flame out, but most do. And as you can't know the seven out of the ten who will flame out, it's in your best interest and motivation to assume everyone will, including you if you don't put in extra-ordinary effort forever.

I learned to also never let the voice of passion override that of logic. What ever is logically better is better regardless of the emotions around. Never let your lifestyle balloon because of fashion or trend or what people will say.

Finally, it reinforced my belief that in the end what will separate us all is consistent results. There will be two camps: those who keep talking about the good old days and those who keeping making history. I want to be in the later camp.

What about you?


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