The Key To Being Creative In Life And Business

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Selective amnesia.


Yes, you heard me right. The key to being creative is embracing selective amnesia. You have to constantly abandon the "this is how we used to do it" mantra. You have to constantly look at things with fresh eyes. Ignore history and even experience. Be always trying to do things in a better way, business or personal.

Everyday I let go of my accumulated experience. I don't see myself as having x years of experience in a particular field. I don't act like I know better than someone else just because I'm older or being in the field for longer. For me, the only thing that is important is result. How does my result stack up against yours? Not how old, in years or experience, are you.

I frequently get asked, "Michael, how come you know so much about almost everything?" The trick is I start each day on no assumption. I don't ever feel like I've gotten there. I don't ever (well, yet) try to slow down. Everyday I'm learning something new. Everyday I'm trying to create something new. Everyday is really a new day for me.

I make use of selective amnesia. I deliberately forget about my past achievements and how far I have come. I focus, rather, on what I can become and what more I can do. I keep moving my target daily. Ensuring daily progress without ever reaching a climax.

And it's the very trick the top three people I take inspiration from use. One wrote daily into his late eighties. Another kept changing industries and the way we use technology because he never settled for the present. The third not only ignores past but even ignores people, and it was his trick for remaining creative with huge global impact till he died.

The less dogma you tie yourself to, the freer you are to be genuinely creative.


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