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With just the right amount of self-motivation you can achieve a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean way more than 20 people without motivation will achieve. Sounds ridiculous?

Can you count the number of people who are constantly saying if only I had more time, if only my job was more flexible, if only I had the type of opportunity J has, if only I had money to spare, if only things weren't so difficult; I would exercise more, I would do my masters, I would learn French, I would work on my public speaking skills, I would lose some lbs/kg, I would learn XYZ?

Yet there is always that amazing person you know who has just as much excuse and time constraints as those other people and yet achieves all those goals. How is she able to do what 20 other people in her shoes aren't doing?

If you generate your own motivation from within, you will always create the time and resources for what you direct that motivation towards.

Using my narcissistic self as example. I know plenty people who wish they had time to write. They talk about writing ideas they have -- from poems to captivating novels to non-fiction. They talk of the awards they won when they were younger and had all the time. They talk of the huge need in the society that their writing will address. Yet days, months and years roll by and they have not written anything or much. And there is the less ambitious me, with no lofty goals or even grand strategy, able to write over 365 pages a year. In just two years I have produced a lot more content than 20 of those people who don't motivate themselves. Even if you are very harsh and rate 80% of my articles as useless trash, the remaining 20% is still more than what those unmotivated 20 people do.

So now you see that my earlier statement is not that ridiculous. One self-motivated person can achieve way more than 20 unmotivated people.

And I see this in everything. I see people who only talk about what they are going to do but don't do it as months pass by. And I see people who just do it. And the difference is that of self-motivation.


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