Having A Wonderful Time At Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp


Yesterday (Friday), I landed in Lekki Peninsula Resort for the Data Science Nigeria 3 days bootcamp. And it has been awesome so far. Couldn't even find time to make my daily post easily.

I have been learning an awesome lot from industry experts. It has also been a great opportunity to meet amazing people. People who just plain blow my mind away.

We've had insightful classes on R and Python for Data Science. Had experts video skype to teach us from Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa. Had practitioners in Nigeria come physically train us, from renowned professors to the president of Python Nigeria. I also had the privilege to take two sessions on Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis.

It has been a value packed two days for me, and already expectant for tomorrow (Sunday), 

I got to find out what the community is like in Nigeria both from the hobbyist side and the professional side. I made very useful contacts and got huge encouragement on pursuing my data science adventures. 

I also managed to get myself and my company noticed. Hoping some of the connections I made turn into some business down the road,


  1. It was great meeting you too.
    I attended your Excel class
    You were my "Man of the Bootcamp", so inspiring to meet you.


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