The Value Of Work


Yesterday, I experienced a lesson I've heard many people quote, though in varying versions from "seest though a man diligent in his works ..." to the entrepreneurial "the harder I work, the luckier I become" and "opportunities are often dressed in overalls and that's why many people miss them".

Diligent work opens doors.

There are some opportunities that only come through consistent actual work. Not by being smart, networking or even training.

Why am I saying all these? What happened yesterday?

I had an interview. A one hour stage 3 out of 4 stages interview. I had passed two stages. The success rate for the stage one was about 25% and only 7.6% get past the stage 2. For the stage 3 none of my preparations prepared me for what was thrown at me. I was given a live project to work on. Ironically, it's the very projects I helped people with, some for free, that gave me the practical knowledge to tackle that interview project. Not my book knowledge nor my smartness. I remember how I battled a similar project for a friend for days without pay, giving me the deep knowledge and comfort to deliver in the interview. I never knew I would get the pay in a big way. That work helped me pass the interview.

I'm now waiting for the stage 4 which is the final stage, hoping they've not changed their minds. Records show that those who pass the stage 3 usually pass the last stage.

And that's why I believe work has a value beyond what we normally ascribe to it. Beyond even the benefits we negotiate for while taking up the work. I believe that the value of work is in that it expands our individual world. It is like playing your favourite game, every level you go pass open you up to more features and benefits beyond even the score you get.

So I want to use this opportunity to tell everyone who is getting discouraged for working hard with little to show for it. Please don't be discouraged. The value you will get in the end will always be more than the work itself. It might tarry but it will surely come. Just keep on working and have an expectant mind. The doors your work will open for you will keep growing in numbers.

Don't give up on hard work.


  1. Thanks for the invaluable information.The way you narrated your experience makes the "maxim" more relatable and valuable.wish your luck at the next stage of your interview process.

  2. Thanks for this practical talk. In a country like Naija with constant scandalous display of wealth by the political class amidst tales of corruption, people begin to unconsciously disdain hard work and rather focus on short-cuts to getting rich. However, I still believe there is always a season of recognition, relevance and reward for hard work - and wealth will surely follow in due course.

    1. Totally agree with you!

      In fact, sometimes, I have to preach to myself to not get carried away by acts of those making easy money.


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