From Econet to Vodacom to Vmobile to Celtel to Zain to Airtel. Now to what?

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😟 So I came across this article from Mobility Arena about Airtel selling its Nigerian operations. The actual source of the news is Bloomberg.

I hope it is not true. Airtel is the coolest of the names that network has been called. 

On another note, it shows how quick tables can turn. Who ten years ago would have thought that telecommunications network operators will be struggling to turn a profit so soon? It was a fast paced world for them. Lots of money in the beginning and now it's like the tap is faulty -- more money going out than coming in.

I try to ask what really is the problem?

NITEL was never really alive till it died. Starcomms, Multilinks and Visafone are all gone. Airtel can't take it any more. I hear Etisalat is not happy at all.

Any clue?


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