I'm Getting Worryingly Forgetful

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It's gotten so bad lately that after leaving home or coming back from a client meeting, it is not a matter of "did I forget anything?" but of "what did I forget this time?"

And I think is not unconnected to the too much work I do. My lifestyle has fully changed to work-sleep-work-eat-work. Work has taken over my life.

Sadly, I think I know what to do and already doing the what to do. But my situation isn't improving. It's plain deteriorating. 

I have stopped trying to attend to all the requests I get daily. In the beginning, I was deliberately postponing attending to continuous trickle of requests I get almost daily -- from Excel related, to an independent expert opinion and to very kind words of encouragement with a small question at the end. Now I just plain don't remember them. 

People will SMS me and then still have to call me that they've SMS'ed me before I will even take notice. People will call me and will have to Whatsapp me that they called me before I will remember to return their call. People will email me and then have to resend the email after a few days before I get to remember to fully read the email.

Worse of all. I constantly forget to eat. And when I sleep, I can't get rid of the thoughts of unfinished work and deadlines almost past. And nothing I do is helping. 

I have even stopped apologising for acting like a piece of sh*t. Or what would you call someone who doesn't call his friends and cousins, doesn't honour their wedding invites and naming ceremony invites, doesn't reply calls or even send an SMS. Before, I would pick a day and call them all with a rehearsed apology. Now, I don't even call anymore or even apologize. I just tell them I am good gone bad, and run out of excuses. Some have learned to deal me back the cards I deal them. Others are still hopeful for my redemption.

Though it is not work that is making me anti-social. I have naturally been that way. What it has done is amplify it. And now it's making me super forgetful. I now even lose trail of my thoughts and stopping midway through an action is common as I often suddenly forget what I was about to do.

On the flip side, I have gotten extremely good at the few things I do often (unfortunately, mostly work and business admin activities). I guess my brain is specialising. 


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