Built Some APIs For Some Interesting Nigerian Data Use

I have created a publicly accessible API webservice for anyone's use.

For now these are the things you can use them for but I am adding more. Ultimately, I will create an Excel Addin that will also allow you use them natively in Excel for your work.

1. Get a random Nigerian name.

The API call: https://www.nigerianelite.com/api/names

And you can also access it in Excel using the =WEBSERVICE() formula.

2. Get any number of random Nigerian names between 1 and 5000. Just put the desired number.

The API call: https://www.nigerianelite.com/api/names/39 (or any number between 1 and 5000)

3. Get the sorted list of states and capitals in Nigeria.

The API call: https://www.nigerianelite.com/api/states

4. Get the name of a particular state and its capital. Just use the A-Z numeric rank of the state.

The API call: https://www.nigerianelite.com/api/states/24

5. Get the last day's record of companies/stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

The API call: https://www.nigerianelite.com/api/stocks

6. Get the historical record of a particular Nigerian listed company by its Ticker (use Reuter's ticker for the company).

7.  Retrieve historical financial statement performance and analysis for over 10 years of all companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

8. Gives you the list of all the 774 local government areas in Nigeria by state.

9. Gets you random short inspiring quotes. Perfect length for Twitter and other creative fun use.

You can read on the entire list of API and how to use them at Nigerian Elite APIs

What other simple useful data would you like me to create an API for?

And for the non-geeky folks, I will be bundling it all in an easy to use Excel add-in that will allow you with a click of button pull whatever data you want.

So I am expecting your suggestions :)


  1. Please send me your email address, my email is samson@domxam.com.
    I think I will need your service.

  2. I need apis for random Pete edochie proverbs, can u do that?


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