Updated: My Currently Most Used iPhone Apps

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Quite a lot has changed since I last shared my most used iPhone apps.

And in case you've noticed that I have posted about Windows Phone apps and iPhone apps  but not made any post lately about Android app. It is because I have stopped using my Android phone and replaced it will a Lumia Windows Phone as I am focusing on developing apps for Windows phone and I need to test my apps on a typical Windows Phone.

The iPhone has been my primary smartphone, I use it for everything I do on phones. On most days, I only make phone calls on the Windows Phone. And it was same usage pattern when I had my Android phone.

So much for the rambling, let's dive into the crux of today's post. It is full of images.

First, below is my homescreen listing all the apps I have installed.

Next are my currently most used iPhone apps with small commentary below.

Chrome Browser (best browser I know for iPhone)

Microsoft Power BI (lets you view your reports on your iPhone)

Google Adsense (to keep track of earnings from Google Ads on my blog)

Notability: Best App for annotating documents

Still Notability: Even allows handwritten notes

Handwriting: Lets me take notes at meetings on my phone using my pen-like stylus

Paper: Lets me record my ideas with handwritten notes and sketches

Mailchimp: Costs me $40/month. It's what ensures you get my blog post in your email inbox every morning

CamScanner+ is a very reliably scans your documents and pictures

Google Analytics: Lets me see the traffic on my blog

Adobe Reader: Best PDF documents reader 

TuneIn Radio: Started using it when my Spotify and Apple Music subscription expired

TuneIn Radio: I now listen more to a French radio station -- Alouette


Pebble: Companion app for my Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble: The interface of the app


I use LinkedIn way more than Facebook

The bible app that has replaced my bible.

And those are my new most used iPhone apps.


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