My IoT Lab Devices

I have begun setting up a small IoT lab and I can say it's fairly well kitted already.

I have a set of Arduino ATMega 2560, some shields and many complementary components.

In the image above, I have the following devices:
2 x NRF24L01 Wireless Module
1 x Gateway Shield
1 x Node Shield
1 x ESP8266 WiFi Module
4 x Male-to-Female DuPont Wire
1 x 8-pin Ribbon Cable (10cm)
1 x NOKIA5110 Module
1 x 4x4 Matrix Keypad Module
2 pieces Addicore nRF24L01+ modules
1x SunFounder UNO R3 board
1x Acrylic Breadboard Holder
1x RGB
1x Project Box
40x Pin Header
1x Timer 555
2x Optocoupler 4N35
2x Shift Resister 74HC595N
1x H-Bridge L293D
1x Accelerometer ADXL335
1x Rotary Encoder
5x Push-Button small
8x Resistor 220 Ohm
4x Resistor 1k Ohm
4x Resistor 10k Ohm
1x Resistor 1M Ohm
1x Resistor 5.1M Ohm
1x Switch
1x Trim Pot - 50k
1x LCD Character Display 16x2
1x Dot Matrix Display 8x8
2x 7-Segment Character Display
1x DC Motor
16x LED red
2x LED white
2x LED green
2x LED yellow
2x Transistor NPN
2x Transistor PNP
4x Capacitor Ceramic 100nF
4x Capacitor Ceramic 10nF
4x Diode Rectifier
1x Breadboard
1x USB Cable
65x Male to Male Jumper Wires
20X Female to Male Dupont wires
1x Piezo Buzzer
1x fan

I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 set.

The component list is:
- Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2) Model B Quad-Core 900 MHz 1 GB RAM
- 32 GB MicroSD Card (Class 10) loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core
- 8 GB MicroSD Card (Class 10) - Raspberry Pi Recommended MicroSD Card with NOOBS
- WiFi Adapter / Dongle (RT5370 chipset)
- 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply with Noise Filter (UL Listed) specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 2 (5 feet cable)
- High Quality Raspberry Pi 2 Case
- Premium Quality HDMI Cable with CEC support (6.5 feet cable)
- Heat Sink
- GPIO and Resistor Colors Quick Reference Cards
- GPIO to Breadboard Interface Board
- GPIO Ribbon Cable
- Breadboard
- 32 x Jumper Wires
- 2 x Red LEDs
- 2 x Green LEDs
- 2 x Yellow LEDs
- 2 x Blue LEDs
- 2 x Push Button Switches
- 10 x 220 Ohm Resistors
- 5 x 10K Ohm Resistors

Below is my lab big screen monitor:
24 inches LG 2015 HDTV/Monitor

In a few days, I will get an extensive collection of sensors that I ordered:
- 1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-006
- 1 x 2-color LED module KY-011
- 1 x Hit sensor module KY-031
- 1 x Vibration switch module KY-002
- 1 x Photo resistor module KY-018
- 1 x Key switch module KY-004
- 1 x Tilt switch module KY-020
- 1 x 3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009
- 1 x Infrared emission sensor module KY-005
- 1 x 3-color LED module KY-016
- 1 x Mercury open optical module KY-017
- 1 x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029
- 1 x Active buzzer module KY-012
- 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-013
- 1 x Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034
- 1 x Mini magnetic reed modules KY-021
- 1 x Hall magnetic sensor module KY-003
- 1 x Infrared sensor receiver module KY-022
- 1 x Class Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035
- 1 x Magic light cup module KY-027
- 1 x Rotary encoder module KY-040
- 1 x Optical broken module KY-010
- 1 x Detect the heartbeat module KY-039
- 1 x Reed module KY-025
- 1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032
- 1 x Hunt sensor module KY-033
- 1 x Microphone sound sensor module KY-038
- 1 x Laser sensor module KY-008
- 1 x 5V relay module KY-019
- 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-001
- 1 x Temperature sensor module KY-028
- 1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024
- 1 x Flame sensor module KY-026
- 1 x Sensitive microphone sensor module KY-037
- 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module KY-015
- 1 x XY-axis joystick module KY-023
- 1 x Metal touch sensor module KY-036


  1. Wetin be this?
    Seriously, this is the first time I don't have an inkling of what you are saying?
    Did your computer break down?
    Break this article down for your dump groupie.

  2. Hello Sir,

    Glad to read your comment.

    So sorry I didn't do a proper introduction of what IoT is about. IoT stands for "internet of things".

    It's a tech electronics hobby field that is about building gadgets that can connect to internet or be remotely controlled. People use it a lot for building gadgets that can work like robots.

    I will try to do a proper post on it that will explain in more practical terms what it's about.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hey this looks good, actually almost too good.
    Nice IoT collection indeed. Would be interested in hearing about your fun project ideas.


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