The Perks That Come With Running Your Own Business


1. No Query, No Office Politics & No Undue Pressure
You can't overestimate the amount of positive energy that frees up. When the only person you have to please is the customer and all it takes to get your idea approved is your own willingness to implement it; you get a lot done. 

Also when you make mistakes, there is no one keeping note or judging you based on your shortcomings. You are allowed to grow at your own pace. Also there is no pressure to do those expensive certifications. There is no one to convince of your expertise by your certifications. All you need is just the knowledge and confidence to manage projects (not PMP), to manage clients (not ITIL), to improve your processes (not Lean Sigma or SSGB), to manage your team (not HRBP) and to do your business analysis (not CBAP),

2. Fast Career Growth
Running your own business is more than being the CEO of a company. You are both the CEO and the investor. It is the peak of any career. There is nothing higher. All you have to do is to grow the company into a big brand to set yourself apart. 

Before starting my business, I had worked in three telecoms companies (two multinationals and one local) and I never held a people management position. The closest to being a manager role I had was when I became the service delivery manager for the third company, but it was a process management role not people management role. No one reported to me. And if I were still in those jobs I don't think I will have direct reports till the next few years. But the moment I started my business and set up a team, I became a manager instantly. In fact, I became the management.

I have played the role of marketing manager, sales manager, PR manager, IT manager, project manager, customer service manager and even the managing director all in one year of starting my business. No company will give you such a growth potential.

3. Big League
The moment you have a registered limited liability company, you have joined the big league. You can become as big as any company. But the instant perk you enjoy even while you are still small and almost insignificant is that you get treated the same way the big companies are. 

I have bidded for the same jobs the big companies I would have gladly worked for bidded for too. And occasionally, I win. 

Even when you register as a vendor you get the same terms and treatment as a foreign global firm would get. It's just a matter of time you get used to thinking big because now you're swimming with the big guys. You now play in the big league.

4. Partnership Offers
I am constantly getting business partnership offers. 


  1. Well seeing and reading this platform well ,I realy think this is a nice part to fellow

    1. Yeah, Mordecai! It's a nice path to follow. Thanks!


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