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Toyota Camry 2012 (XV50

Recently Tunde decided to buy a car. He spent a lot of time finding out about characteristics and specifications of different models. His choice fell on Toyota Camry, but buying a new car was too expensive. He didn't like buying pre-owned stuff and he's not a great fan of classifieds websites, so he was going to consider another option.
Ahmed, his friend, asked him about how everything was going, and he told him the sad story. Ahmed laughed and said he was making things too complicated and then showed him this website It turned out to be a pretty nice service. It is very simple to use and the number of offers is just enormous. While Tunde was looking for a car there, he found a new cheap Smartphone.

All cars adverts on Jiji are gathered in the proper category. You can find it on the left side of the page. Every advert consists of a description, a photo, and seller's contacts. Tunde realized scanning all the offers would take too much time so he just typed the name on search line. There were several people offering to sell Toyota Camry. He chose the car in better condition, and luckily it was sold in a city not far from where he lives. He called the seller and after specifying some details they agreed upon a meeting.
He never bought things at classifieds before, but now he would.
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