One Big Change or Many Small Changes, Which is More Important?

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Have you ever been obsessed with one big change? It could be in your effort to reach a goal. Just like my goal to become fluent in French. For a long time I wanted a big change. I wanted to wake up tomorrow knowing I have become better at French than I was today. I searched for tips towards getting that big change, and I saw a lot of tips. It's funny how the internet provides you a one-sided information at all times. If you search for "why are dogs friendly" you will see a lot of supporting information just as much as if you search for "why are dogs not friendly".

So which is better -- going after a big change or many small changes?


The answer is similar to that for the question -- should you go after a big goal or go after many small goals? Over a considerable length of time. often years, you should have a big goal and then break it down to several small goals to achieve over a much less length of time. And it's same for changes. Go after a big change over the long term and have it broken to smaller changes over the short term.

Learn to be okay with no progress or even negative progress. It's always like that in life. A step forward sometimes may require two steps backward. Don't be too obsessed with results. Rather figure out the best way to go after your goal and stick to it till you find a better way. Don't give up just because you are seeing no results or the results aren't up to your expectations. 

Everything we learn or work towards proficiency in follows the same pattern as learning to swim or drive or ride a bicycle. You start upbeat and with great expectations. Soon you learn to tune down your expectations as reality sets in. Then you get frustrated with the progress or lack of progress you are making. But if you don't quit you suddenly find that one day, after already having taken your mind off monitoring your progress, you eventually achieved your goal of proficiency. 

So dream up a big change in your life, break it into smaller changes. Form habits that will help you realise the small changes. Be comfortable with no progress for some time. Keep heading toward the big change regardless of the frustration and slowness you encounter. Constantly review your options and pick the best even if it's not performing well. And be optimistic always.


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