Writing My First Microsoft Excel Book

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So I have decided to write my first Microsoft Excel book. I would be putting to use my experience of having trained very many people individually and in a class based training, my unique hands-on style of training that keeps getting me great feedback and my conversational style of writing. 

It won't be a book that will show how much I know about Excel. It will be a book that is focused on improving an average user; it will take any regular Excel user or enthusiast and set him adequately on the path to being an Excel expert. It will be useful for all groups of people seeking Excel beginners' training or intermediate or advanced. It will even cover Excel VBA to an extent that will make you able to continue the VBA learning journey on your own without any further class-based training need.

I will include companion video files and practice files. It will be aimed primarily at the Nigerian business professional market. I will be talking in Naira currency, states of the country, Nigerian companies and Nigerian data. All the sample scenarios and data will be Nigerian flavoured. I am a proud Nigerian and will rather generate random Nigerian data than download already available US or UK data for my data samples.

Yesterday, I got the delivery of our branded training DVDs. It matches our already existing branded training notepad and pen.

They even match our certificate design (a little).

I have written a couple of Excel training guides/books, even one used to deliver a training outside the country (and continent). Just that none is satisfactorily comprehensive or touch every aspect of Excel I talk about during a training. Then I am now much more experienced having spent the greater part of the last 12 months conducting Excel training. 

I aim to make the book as good as any internationally popular Excel book for regular users. I will work very hard on it and make it as detailed and easy to follow as I try to do my Excel blog posts. It will be useful for secondary students, university students, MBA students, PhD students, business analysts, sales managers, accountants, finance analysts, engineers, teachers, administrators, C-level execs and everyone that needs to have one or two things regularly done (well) in Excel.

So please, I need your suggestions on the following:
  1. What version of Excel should I write the book on (Excel 2010 or 2013 or the new 2016)?
  2. How many pages should I aim to make the book have?
  3. What shape/size should the book be (A4 size, A5 size, landscape A4, ,,,)?
  4. What matters most to you in such a book and you would like me to take note of?
  5. What topics should I make a lot of practice scenarios for?
  6. What general suggestions do you think I will find useful?
Thanks a lot!


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