You Have To Believe In Yourself

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The hardest part of living is avoiding the self-doubt that comes as a result of our comparing ourselves to other people. You will always know someone whose life seems all-round better than yours and will make you feel you can never be good enough no matter how hard your try. And there will be people who are simply better than you by chance or positioning; they were luckier in the birth/family lottery or got a dream job. Then there are those who started worse off than you but by some reason you can't explain they are able to get more results for what they do than you do.

There will be lots of times all theses will get at you, making you feel sad and filling you with self-doubt. There will be days you will lose your self-belief and feel like the obstacles are too many. And there will be days you go on autopilot, just hanging in there without any motivation. There will be moments you'll feel all your goals have turn to mission impossible.

These are the times you lose your confidence/belief in yourself. You feel despondent. You lose the drive that has set you on the path you are on. You feel inadequate. You feel life is very unfair. You are just not happy.


The truth is you need to put your confidence/belief in yourself above the reach/influence of anyone or circumstance. How you see yourself matters way more than the situation life has put you in. You can't change anything by being sad and unmotivated. Your best can only come out when you have a strong confidence in yourself. And you increase your chances of success and improving your lot by constantly being motivated and giving your best.

You have to believe in yourself. No matter the situation you are in. You have to see a chance of succeeding no matter how faint it is. If the results you are getting are not good enough, being despondent will only make them worse. If life is not going your way, giving up will not improve things. You just have to be crazy enough to ignore the reality that keeps hitting you in the face. You have to see what is currently not there. You have to see the lion in you. You have to keep believing in yourself.


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