Show Me Your Friends...

Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.


When we hear this quote we tend to think in terms of the friends we hug, shake hands with and go to events together. We never consider that the people we scroll through their posts on Facebook, read their tweets on Twitter and daily scroll through their Instagram photos have just as real effects on us as the ones we hold hands with.

The community you hang out with online can make or mar you. They shape your thinking, your interests, your envy, your ambitions, your talk and your person. If you hang out with bitter people online; people who constantly ridicule others and act like teenagers, then you are feeding your mind with the wrong things. And soon you will begin to act and talk (first online, and then offline) like them.

The older we get the more we realize that having the right friends matter way more than having lots of friends. You can't improve your life by gathering follow backs on Twitter or having thousands of Facebook friends. If your hero is not Kim Kardashian then you should be as selective in choosing your online pals as you are in choosing your offline ones. If you spend hours on social media sites and the internet generally, then you should hang out with people who expand your thinking positively and who have walked the path you seek. Move with a crowd that is heading where you are going.

I am always online but I spend the bulk of my time online learning and hanging with communities that improve my mind. I search for people already on the path I am trying to get on and I try to learn from their journey and experience. I read only things that will make me a better person. I avoid junk and negative talk.

If I were to show you my top friends (online and offline), I will be proud of who you will show me to be.


  1. I like the angle this follows. The things we spend our time with, in general, affect our perspective. We tend to think less of what, or with whom, we invest our time on. We find terms we use for comfort. Terms like ''it's just online'' ''it's not like i'm seeing him, or will ever''.

    Thanks for sharing this, Michael.

  2. Yes Wisdom. We seldom give serious consideration to the effect our online activities have on us.

    Thanks for dropping by and the contribution.


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