Gimme An Idea For A Free Phone Application. Let's Make Something Very Useful.

Yesterday, I met with someone a friend recommended I meet. He, like me, recently quit his job to start an Excel Consulting and Training Business. He's way more knowledgeable on the market trends and opportunities than me, having being in the training industry for a long time before going on his own. And the one thing he assured me was that the market is huge and we all can thrive without clawing one another. And luckily for me, I'm possibly the only one doing very complex Excel VBA programs. So I'm much more relaxed now. And before something else changes my new relaxed mood, I want to churn out as many phone applications as I can. And I need you all.

I need you all think about an application you've always wanted. Maybe a phone app that will save you the stress of typing out, then, then and then You would be happy to have a phone app that has all your favorite websites, the ones you read almost daily, in one place. You just tap on the one you want to read. But you want it done in a more intuitive and cooler way than Favourite on a browser. And maybe also include ability to share any interesting posts you read (especially hot gossips on Linda Ikeji's blog).

And maybe you fly a lot. And would love to have all the booking web pages of Airlines in one place. You don't have to memorise their names and web addresses, you will always be sure you've checked everyone's prices before making a choice.

Or yours is traffic report aggregator. A simple phone app that will aggregate all traffic reports from Giditraffic and other smaller traffic reporting handles. You don't want the distraction that comes with viewing it directly on twitter app.

Or you love to know the current exchange rates. Dollar to Naira. Pound to Naira. Euro to Naira. Cedi to Naira. And even CFA to Naira. 

Or you are into stocks. And want a simple phone app that will let you see the daily stock prices and percentage change.

Or you're a sports fanatic. And don't want to miss out of anything happening in the sports world.

So give me your ideas. Or help fine tune mine. Let's build apps that we will find very useful. Not another facebook or twitter or instagram. But something that meets our daily basic needs. And for Nigerians, mainly.


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  2. What exactly is your plan....currently have some apps i like to do myself..and i love the idea listed...just need funds...maybe we can work something out..


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