My First Business Pivot On The Way

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It's barely 1 week of running my own business full-time and I'm already working a big pivot.

I have discovered a very big need in the Nigerian market that no one is properly servicing/meeting. And it's in making original (not wordpress template customized) fluid responsive websites. I'll be temporarily fixing that need while I work towards my bigger goal of making enterprise web apps.

No business can grow very fast and continuously if it's purely services based. It has to someday start making products people will buy and that can be scaled-up very cheaply. So, unlike in rendering services, one's revenue won't be linearly tied to one's efforts. Once one has figured out the product to make and is lucky enough to have people actually buy it, money starts rolling in without extra efforts. 

For me, that product is enterprise web apps. And I'll be focusing on the financial industry for a start. I have a lot of local edge there. If I have a great product, financial analysts will more easily go for mine than another from India or USA as soon as I show them all the irrelevant and bloated features the foreign one has as against the lean Nigeria focused one mine has, and daze them with my local financial market knowledge. I'm already compiling the raw market data I need, and though I'm starting as soon as my programming skills are good enough, the real product will not leave beta state until 2018. And it's because of the lots of data I need. I need at least 10 years data, reliable ones gotten from official documents. I currently have 6 years data. I need 4 more years data.

I'm already on an intensive training on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. And in that order. I'll be both my frontend and backend developer. And also building my data warehouse from scratch. And going by the huge work and dedication involved, I'll be letting go of some other things I planned doing. All my websites, and web apps will be built from scratch. No modifying of a wordpress, joomla, or magneto template. I will be giving up some Excel time for it. The only thing I'm not scaling back on is my daily French class.

It's more like I have just 7 months to seriously learn whatever I want/need. Before I run out of cash and need to start doing only instant revenue generation activities. Now I'm a startup of one. Burning through cash, learning as fast as I can, making all the mistakes now, aiming straight at my target market with speed rather than perfection, and ignoring profit.


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