Looks Like I'll be Busier Than When I had a Job

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Here's the list of all the things I'm committing to do --
  1. To take one French class a day. Self-study class.
  2. I have signed up for all the programming courses on Coursera. I will be learning HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby. I plan to start making web apps, ones Nigerians will find very useful. I will be wiping everything off my forum site, www.nigerianelite.com and using it for my practice. (So you can check it whenever you want to view my progress.)
  3. My MVP award came with a N1,070,000 Visual Studio premium subscription with MSDN benefit, and other numerous non-purchasable benefits. I'm getting for free all I need to learn, practice, build, and deploy Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps. I will be making good use of this. Hopefully, by year end, I'll be very good at making Windows Phone apps. 
  4. I have also begun online courses at www.codecademy.com . I'm going to be one of the best web app developers in Nigeria. 
  5. Microsoft has included me in an Excel MVP mailing list. I get daily mails of things I'm not authorized to blog about. Some of those things are like rocket science to me. I plan to learn about them, and be a well-rounded Excel guru.
  6. I've gone online to read about how to max out the benefits that come with being a Microsoft MVP. I get a free slot at a yearly technical conference in US. I get free services/products from a lot of technical online companies. I get to participate in special mentorship programs and act as an industry expert in local Microsoft organized events. I plan to explore all these.
  7. Then I need to stay alive. Make a living. I will have to do some weekly marketing. I'm focusing on providing corporate Excel trainings, build custom Excel applications for businesses and one-on-one intensive trainings for power Excel users. Any job request that falls outside of these, I'll reject (already being rejecting a couple already, despite not having any work/project at hand). I plan to be laser focused. Even if it means lost revenue.
  8. Finally, I'll be going for more networking events, Tech meetups and relevant conferences (the free and almost free ones). But I'll be avoiding some of the Venture Capital events. I won't be needing external funds. I'll rather borrow from a bank than get a VC funding. I'm not getting myself another boss, even if it comes in the form of a Board. I don't ever want to report to anyone again in my life. Or waste time on unproductive administrative work.
I know these all sound unrealistic, but my mind is made up and the only thing that can change it is starvation. That's why I made sure I have enough cash till year end. I'm building a lifestyle business. A business that fits into my lifestyle, not one that I have to change my lifestyle for. 


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