What Do You Think Can Fix Most Of Our Problems?

Some people say, a transparent hardworking President.
Some say, well enforced free education till SSS3.
Some say, roads and electricity as good and reliable as in the US.
Some say, a switch to the parliamentary government system.
Some say, a strong judiciary that makes people pay heavily for their crimes.
Some say, more people turning to entrepreneurship.
Some say, privatization of all government run corporations.
And some say, a sudden dry up of all the crude oil we have.

But you've all been listening to my thoughts everyday, and today I think it will be sensible of me to slow down and listen to your thoughts too.
And I think the best place to start is on a topic we are all passionate about, one that affects us all. Our Nation. Nigeria.

So what Do You Think Can Fix Most Of Our Problems?

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And to not look lazy, I will start by sharing what I think can fix most of our problems.

It's: well enforced free education till SSS3.

And it's because I strongly believe that all our problems are rooted in our way of thinking. 
Even though we are poor compared to many other countries. We have never been this rich since our existence. You could say only a few have most of the wealth, but that's the way it is everywhere in the world. It has been theorized as Pareto's rule. More money solves no issues, only amplifies all issues. And as long as we keep comparing our standard of living with that of Americans, Britons and French, we will never feel we have enough.

But with education, we will become better workers, better entrepreneurs, better citizens, better leaders, better drivers, better LASTMA, better painters, better carpenters, better traders, better butchers, better farmers, better fishers, better welders, better cleaners, better plumbers, better communicators, better activists, better musicians, better actors, better producers, better managers, better advisers, better models, better thinkers and more creative.

Education helps us to put things into correct perspectives and look within for solutions to the problems we face. Education is the only thing that makes a poor man a world changer, education is the only thing that makes a rich man give away all his wealth, education is the only thing that makes one stop unreasonable comparisons and dependence on external help.

Though education is beyond schooling, it always starts with schooling. And making it compulsory for everyone to school till SSS3 is a great start. People get to experience first hand the real value of reading and learning: when they mix water and acid wrongly and suffer burns; when they get to see the limit of brawn against brain; and when they see that all the amazing things we use are products of thinking men not brawling men. Even the stubborn ones that will still go ahead to become criminals and a national pain, will do it with a creativity that wows us.

Education makes people live a better life, regardless of their wealth. In fact, most of the top inventions in the world's history were by the poor.
Our arguments will be educating not brain dead, our music will be soul touching not meaningless jabbering, our books will be winning international prizes, our schools will be attractive to foreigners, out technology will be popular, our passports won't be ridiculed, and our national wealth will be squandered/used with intelligence.

For me, education will fix most of our problems.

I can't wait to hear your view. What do you think will fix most of our problems?


  1. I have always been looking for a 'good' time to comment, now is the best time to do just that.

    I have been a consistent reader of this blog since last year when I was introduced to (Michael and) it by Imisi. Great work going on here.

    Now to the question at hand, my answer after careful thought is - sincere leadership.

    Political scientists like to tell us that a people deserve the leadership they get. However, if we look at three unique countries viz, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore we see that leadership is not necessarily an effect, it could be a cause.

    As a disciple of (John C.) Maxwell, I strongly believe that everything falls and rises with leadership. The leaderships of Muritala Muhammed and Tinubu/Fashola in Lagos have shown that nothing is wrong with us as followers, we just don't get leaders who are really leading.

  2. Hmm no. It is not education i.e. formal education that we need to fix all our problems. What will fix all our problems is a mind set change. We need to change our way of thinking regarding gender, religious requirement, human rights, tribal issues, politics, civil service, use of public property, individualism, collective society and many other issues. Then we will fix all our problems.

  3. Great! We've got one for Leadership. Sincere leadership. And an excellent explanation behind it too. Thanks Seun.

    And as for the 2nd comment. I get the explanation except the first statement. I think only re-orientation can change people's mindset. And only education can bring about the massive re-orientation to have the right mindset we need. Thanks for sharing.


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