Going Slow And Growing Slow

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I’ve finally fixed my fixed my confusion.

I’m going to build my business slowly. Making sure that I don’t replicate my previous work-life. What’s the use of being on my own if it’s to build another 9 – 5 life for myself and to join the rat race from the sideline. Why should I be in a hurry when I know so little and am bound to make lots of mistakes. Why should I be in a hurry when I’ve got the rest of my life to spend doing this.
My biggest moments of joy are not money related. They are moments when I did the almost impossible, even when they cost me almost all my money. I love to live life on my own terms. To be my own boss, slave, board of directors and entire company staff. To measure success using my own metrics. To be able to change my mind whenever I want to and as often as I want. To do only the things I enjoy. And to take my time, ignoring the competition and trends.

I hate to think that all I’m doing is just to be better than the competition. More than I desire to be the best at what I do is my desire to, first, be myself. To be the best at being me. To put myself first before money and business. To live the life I dream of and not scheming ways to squash the competitor’s dream. To discover myself first before discovering my perfect business strategy. To not just focus on the destination but thoroughly enjoy the journey. To stop postponing my happiness and doing things just because they will put food on the table.

Living is not a choice between joy and riches, security and misery, adventure and fulfillment. Letting go of security is not equal to embracing misery. Choosing joy is not losing all chance of getting rich. Pursuing one’s dream is not a one way ticket to dying poor and unfulfilled. Life is not black and white. The options are never just two, yes and no. Sometimes, all we want are on the other side of fear, not security. If one never tries, then one has no right to claim it’s impossible to live a perfect life. A life that you don’t want to change a thing about. Just perfect.

I’m lucky to have discovered myself and my real dreams. And I won’t give up being the real me and pursuing my dreams because of fear of losing security. God has given me one life, and I consider it more noble to spend it on creating the unique value He’s made me unique for rather than trying to fit myself into a mold I don’t enjoy being in.



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