Beauty or Brain?

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First of all, Happy Easter! 

I hope you are enjoying the 4 days weekend. Me, I have been reading all the programming books I bought, spending as much as 10 hours at a stretch oscillating between reading and dozing. Most programmers are terrible writers. The one who wrote the book I spent the better part of Friday reading wrote the book like a manual, a very boring manual. When I finally got to the last page on Saturday morning, it was like freedom. I've got two books down, one to go. 

Back to today's special post. Beauty or brain? Which do you prefer?


I can't wait to hear your opinions. 

In the meantime, here's mine.

  • In a friend, I prefer beauty. I always ask Google, not friends, for advice. So the brain is not that important to me. And I'm never ashamed of any of my friends, no matter how dumb s/he is, as long  as s/he is trustworthy and easy to get along with. I prefer a friend who is simple and sincere, dumb or not dumb, to an Albert Einstein.
  • In a colleague, I prefer brain. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a dumb colleague. He's always adding to your work and making the whole team look dumb.
  • In a spouse, I prefer none. I don't fancy a wife whose got more beauty than brain or more brain that beauty. I agree that there's no standard way to decide if one has got more beauty than brain or the other way round. But at least I'll like it not to be obvious. Not someone you see and immediately you'll conclude that she's got more brain than beauty or beauty than brain. 
Some philosophers, especially the Socratic ones, believe that we seek in a companion the very things we lack and wish we had. And some people have stretched it further to explain why dark skinned people often marry light skinned people, not-so-tall marry tall... 

Well, I don't think it applies to everyone. Especially me. Whatever I lack, I try to get it for myself and not acquire it through someone else. Maybe it's because I'm too narcissistic and have trouble finding any fault in myself. Or I'm too individualistic and seek very little from others. Or I'm just plain different, a weirdo. I'll leave you to decide that. 

I'm my vision of a family, I don't see beside me the hottest most beautiful woman or the brainiest with IQ of 190 or a light skinned woman to match my shiny dark gold brown skin or a not-so-tall woman to take off some of my height... All I see is a simple family. Like the one I grew up in. Where everyone is alike. No hotshot.

So that's my opinion about beauty or brain.
What's yours?


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