I definitely have got a problem. I easily lose control over the things I start doing. As much as I hate to admit it, I am helpless about two third of the things I do. I often have great ways of explaining the logic behind the things I do that make me look like I am in control of my actions, but the truth is that I just do them and find a reason for doing them latter. 

I easily take things to the level of obsession. And not deliberately. The only thing I do in moderation is overdoing things.

Yesterday, French resurrected in my life. Earlier this year, I gave up learning French and made a resolution to move on. I wasn't making good enough headway to justify the time and resources I was continuously offering it. I was making good progress on my resolution. Once in a while, the temptation comes but I have always managed to overcome. Well, until yesterday. The temptation overcame me. And, again, I am not in control of what I commit to doing.

It is like writing this daily posts, a project I embarked on in July of 2013. It is like brushing with my left hand, a fun activity I started in 2010. It is like many other things I now daily do but too ashamed to state on this blog. You would be very wrong to think I find it hard to write daily than not to write daily. You would be very wrong to think that brushing daily for the past 6 years with my left hand must require a lot of dedication. The truth is I am helpless against them. Not doing those tasks is, now, extremely hard. 

Yesterday, I changed my PC language setting to French. I changed my phone language to French. I restarted my French learning. And this time, I have no choice. French learning has now become part of my daily compulsive activities. I am no longer learning it just to know it, now my learning is because I can't not learn it.
First, read this: MMM (Ponzi scheme company)

Is MMM legal? I don't know for sure.

Is MMM good? It's not for me to say.

But should you put your money in MMM? I'll say a big NO.


No investment or help scheme that promises you 30% return a month, equal to 360% annual return, same as your money almost quadrupling in one year should be taken seriously. Especially when they make it clear that your money is not going to be put to any productive (commercial production) use and you will get your money + interest back from new members' money.

I deal with numbers almost everyday. For every one person that puts in 1 million in a year, you need about 4 people's money just to pay him back his original N1 million and the promised interest of N3.6 million. And those 4 people will need 16 people for them to get back their money with promised interest. And the 16 will need 64. The 64 will need 256. The 256 will need 1024. The 1024 will need 4096. Then it gets crazy when the original one person puts back N1 million from his N4.6 million. The calculation goes from geometric to exponential. And that is just in one year.

But the original one person got back his money, even with more returns than a typical savings account with a bank will give him in 10 years. Isn't that good? 

For that guy, it is good.

Then shouldn't you try it? Again, a capital NO.

If you followed my earlier description of how the scheme requires 4 people to get you back your money with interest, then it should be clear to you that one day more people will be due for their money and there won't be enough people joining to generate that required payment. And everything will come crashing down. And like in Russia, where it all originated, some people would have put their entire savings + borrowed money in and upon losing it all will commit suicide. More people will lose their money than those who get their money out.

If people put in N1 billion, you can be sure that over N750 million will be lost. Actually, will be used to pay the first N250 million their returns.

The question I want you to consider is: what are my chances of being among the first N250 million?

Maybe you've already tried it and gotten your money back. Lucky you. If you feel tempted to go back in, then should ask yourself: am I not pushing my luck too far?

And if you find it too tempting to ignore, then please don't put your life savings in it. Put just what you can afford to lose. 

If you want my sincere advice. It is this: don't cultivate a bad habit of trying things that are not sound or ethical just for sake of profit, addiction is real and surfaces when you've forgotten about the seeds, like this, that birth it. Think of those CEOs that get disgraced/jailed for shady deals and unethical business activities. It was little unethical gain seeking habits they cultivated when in the university, as young graduates and when little was at stake, and no one noticed, that pushed them to those damning end. So please stay far away from MMM.

Thank you!

UPDATED: September 28, 2016

Ever wanted all the available Etisalat BIS plans (Blackberry 10 plans, BB Absolute and BB Complete) in one place/post?
Here it is. I have taken the trouble for you to get them all in one place, sourcing them from Etisalat's website.

blackberry plan
non-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM®monthly260MB1000*599*2#MLITE
blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM®monthly500MB1500*599*3#MMID
blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM®monthly1536MB3000*599*4#MMAX
blackberry plan
planduration*voice opt-innon-voice opt-inprice (₦)
blackberry absolutemonthly*499*1#*399*1#1500
monthly 2 for 1 promo*369*2#*369*3#1500
blackberry completemonthly*499*3#SMS COM to 3991000
weekly*499*3*1#SMS COW to 399500
daily*499*3*2#SMS COD to 399100
monthly 2 for 1 promo*369*1#*369*4#1000
* voice plan allows you enjoy call rates at 20k/s to all networks.

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You want an always-on home or office internet solution?
Your best options are Spectranet, Smile, Swift and Cobranet; if they've got coverage in your area.

Here are the full details of their plans, pricing and conditions/validity.

Updated: 28 September, 2016

Plan Name
Plan Cost Plan/Data Additional Bonus Validity Access Speed
Unified Value 7GB N5,000 7GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 15GB N7,000 15GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 25GB N10,000 25GB Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 55GB N20,000 55GB Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 110GB N40,000 110GB Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 200GB N70,000 200GB Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7 Unlimited Burstable Nite Value 20GB  N7,500 20GB Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am Unlimited Burstable Nite Value 40GB  N11,000 40GB Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am Unlimited Burstable

  1. N1,000 for 1GB with a 30 days validity and 2mbps cap
  2. N3,000 for 3GB with a 30 days validity
  3. N5,000 for 5GB with a 30 days validity
  4. N9,000 for 10GB with a 30 days validity
  5. N17,000 for 20GB with a 12 months validity
  6. N19,800 for unlimited plan with a 30 days validity and speed limit of 4mbps for the first 100GB, 2mbps for the next 100GB and 512kbps for the remainder of the month
  7. N36,000 for 50GB with a 12 months validity
  8. N70,000 for 100GB with a 12 months validity
  9. N135,000 for 200GB with a 12 months validity


SwiftSpeed (max)Data bundlePrice (NGN)Validity
Day #2mbps30MB                 150 1 day
Budget2mbps750MB                 500 7 days
Budget Plus2mbps3GB             2,000 30 days
Weekend2mbps5GB (wkend)             3,000 30 days
Swift Night2mbps5GB (6pm - 8am)             3,500 30 days
Basic Mini2mbps2GB             4,000 30 days
Swift Family2mbps20GB (6pm - 8am, wkend)             6,000 30 days
Essential2mbps30GB             7,000 30 days
Family Plus2mbps68GB (5pm-9am, wkend)             8,000 30 days
Basic New2mbps10GB           10,000 30 days
Business2mbps24GB (7am-7pm)           12,000 30 days
Premium2mbps65GB           15,000 30 days
Elite2mbps100GB           20,000 30 days

Home Bronze1.5 Mbps (upto)N6,5009GB
Home Bronze Excel2Mbps (upto)N8,50012GB
Home Silver2.5Mbps (upto)N12,50018GB
Home Gold2.5Mbps (upto)N17,50027GB
50 HoursN2,4001 Month
100 HoursN4,0001 Month
180 HoursN6,50045 Days
360 HoursN12,5003 Months
24/7N13,500Unlimited1 Month
Top UPN/AN1,5005GBN/A
Top UpN/AN4,00020GBN/A
UGO Personal30Mbps (upto)N9,00020GB1 Month
UGO Family30 Mbps (upto)N12,00040GB1 Month
UGO Classic30 Mbps (upto)N16,00080GB1 Month
UGO Multimedia30 Mbps (upto)N20,000160GB1 Month


And here are their contact details -

9B Kwara street, Osborne Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

Smile Nigeria
39 Ahmed Onibudo St
Eti-Osa, Victoria Island, Lagos
0800 444 4444

Swift Nigeria
31, Saka Tinubu street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Plot 8, Rafiu Babatunde street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1
01-2716269 08151000006 01-7655777

Want to share any experience you've had with any one of them?
Please do via the comment box.