The Best And Cheapest Internet plan I've Found

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And it is.


I use over 200GB a month and download at speeds exceeding 20mbs all for a very affordable price of N10,000 per month. It beats and has benched my Smile Unlimited plan, Spectranet with their 100% bonus and even the speedy Swift. It is the best thing that has happened to my internet life this year. No more fear of spending up to N50,000 a month on internet because the monthly bundle plan with data cap finishes in one week.

With Ntel I stream without fear and set the quality to HD. I download without bothering about the size, in fact, I bother about my hard disk free space more than I bother about my internet data access. I upload my tutorial videos without fear. I run webinars with the best streaming quality my PC can handle and not handcuffed by the speed access/limit of my internet plan.

I watch Netflix, Hulu and Udemy videos without a single worry about my internet running out quick. I watch YouTube at HD quality. I update all my software without any worry. I update all my many phone apps as often as new updates come out. In fact, I have them set to auto-update.

Now you know what I mean by the best thing to happen to my internet world this year.


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