My Review Of Smile Unlimited Premium Plan: Excellent!

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  • I have watched many HD quality Netflix movies with it.
  • I have downloaded at speed of 700kBps with it 
  • I have all my devices (five) connected to it, 24/7
  • I have resumed my Udemy online classes, streaming online HD video lessons without any glitch with it (now learning data structure and algorithms in C#)
  • The upload speed thoroughly beats that of Spectranet (despite the speed cap of 4mbps)
  • There is no mago mago with it. Every time I run a speed test, it surpasses even the 4mpbs speed limit (though slightly)
  • I now update my iPhone apps without fear of data usage
  • I have removed the restriction on data usage on my Windows PC and Phone (metered connection setting). I let them use up as much data as they want whether for system update or email downloads
  • I now stream my favourite (Michael W Smith and Hillsong) music via Spotify and Microsoft Groove without any worries
  • It has mentally freed me from being data usage conscious and I now enjoy whatever services I want online without having to consider data usage
In one sentence: The Smile Unlimited Premium Plan is awesome and excellent value for money!

Only box I am hoping it will tick is to excellently stream my webinar coming up on Sept 13, 4:00pm - 5:00 pm (register here).


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