Now: October 2017 Webinar On Doing The Seemingly Impossible With PowerQuery and PowerPivot

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There are many common tasks that I see people spend hours or days on in Excel, and that's if they don't consider impossible them and give up trying to do them.

Some of what I will be covering are:

  1. Automatic update (using refresh) of reports built from numerous files as more files are added (like having year till date report or national sales report automatically update as individual report files from the different months or regions/branches are sent to you regardless of the names they are saved with)
  2. Unpivot data (better seen than explained, so don't miss this segment)
  3. Pivot data
  4. Better and more advanced Text to Columns, can also do Text to Rows (will illustrate)
  5. Extracting data from the web, with daily refresh capability
  6. Analysing your social media activities or digital marketing campaigns (Facebook in particular)
  7. Working with over 1.05 million rows of data (more than you can fit in one Excel sheet)

You shouldn't miss this webinar. Create a reminder; add it to your calendar.

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm (GMT +1)
Venue: YouTube live (

As usual, I will be using real world type of data and illustrations.

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See you!


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