Trying To Buy A Small Compact Good Quality Point And Shoot Camera

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"In this time and age, why would you buy a small camera?"

The reason is majorly personal. I am not the selfie type. And for no clear reasons I don't take photos with my phones. If you go through my phones, you won't find much photos on them. Even my iPhone that has a good quality camera.

However, I have used a Samsung point and shoot camera before, in 2011, and I know how frequently I took photos with it. Those photos are still with me and are some of my best memories. I snapped almost everything that interested me with it.

Then I got a DSLR camera (professional camera). It gave better quality photos but has the huge disadvantage of big size and drawing attention. Still, I took more photos with it than I have done with any phone.

Now, I am learning from my experience and doing that which I know will work. There are many sights and scenes I would like to have a photograph of -- from our training classes to my travelings and surprise moments.

I have decided to buy a very good and high quality point and shoot camera. So I searched online for the reviews and recommendations. One particular one kept coming up as top of the list (recommended) across most sites -- Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10.

I have shopped around in Port Harcourt and couldn't find it. Again, why Port Harcourt? I have this strange fever -- when I want something I kinda want it now. But today I'll be back in Lagos and should be able to find the Panasonic one or another on the list I got online.

Maybe I'll share some of the interesting pictures I'll take with the camera. 😀


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