Always Be Learning Something Very Difficult

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First, now I realise how much of me is consumed in the daily blog post writing ritual. The absence of the self-imposed obligation has made me free enough to go, unintentionally, several days without writing a single post.

Second, I have a good excuse for not writing for the last six days. I have been practicing French in Republic of Benin just right beside us. I got into an exchange programme courtesy AIESEC to volunteer my IT skills for an small Computer Training school in Porto-Novo. I was also given a host family to help me thoroughly practice/improve my French and make my stay less expensive. It has been a wonderful experience. Both the computer training school and the family hosting me are okay with my impromptu going and coming. Every month, I try to block out some days for the exchange programme without having to close down my business here in Nigeria.

The AIESEC Porto-Novo team welcoming me

Teacher Michael (not easing teaching them in French)

Practical Sessions On Computer Networking
I told you all that the camera was going to be very useful to me.

My post today is on a lifestyle habit I want you to have. One that I use to counter my biggest fear. And what is that fear? 

Interestingly, it is not money related. Somehow, I have always had this inexplicable assurance in my mind that I will be very rich or at least not have money problems. Even when I had no logical proof and the current situation wasn't helping matters. Maybe it is because I have been through deep poverty and significant abundance growing up, and it has made me realise first hand that much more than the money itself is one's ability to be resourceful and contented. And also that if you work hard and smart, you'll have more than enough (God sparing you any expensive accidents/sickness). 

So what is that fear I consider my biggest?

It is the fear of being like many old people I see daily who can't even operate their own phones maximally. They have problems with using the internet and computers on a very serious level. I dread being like that in the future. It is like dying before actually dying. Being out of touch with modern technologies and new important skills. I want to be as mentally active as I am today, even much more if possible, in my old age. I want to stay sharp, hard skills-wise, and well tuned to whatever the modern technology of those days will be.

To ensure this, I have made a habit of always learning something very difficult. At every point since my graduating university, I am always having some difficult thing or skill I am working on. Every year that passes, I can always point at one very difficult thing I progressed at and I try to move to a new difficult thing every few years.

This habit forces me to have a very open and absorbent mind. Rather than become the always judging guy whose favorite pastime is contrasting today with the not so long ago past and loves saying "how things have changed", I try to be the guy with more memories of today than yesterday. I want to live fully in today's opportunities and potentials. I want to keep learning everything, though one after the other, that I have always wished I knew. From French language to Programming and Magic. Yes, magic. I have a book on magic tricks and I read it. It teaches the tricks you see people do with coins and cards and other common stuff on TV.

I also embrace the fact that my learning speed might be slower due to my age and the numerous distractions. I am conscious to not let my slow progress discourage me or make me totally belittle what I am learning to the extent of quitting.

And you? Are you always learning something very difficult?

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