Doing More With Automation

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For just some couple of $$ I have been able to automate sending tweets, twitter direct message, who to follow and who to unfollow. Also on LinkedIn, for just $10/month, I have automated sending messages to my connections, adding new connections that meet some pre-set parameters and visiting the profiles of big men/women hoping they'll notice my own profile. 

As much as I can, I try to automate things. 

For my business, I have a heavily automated digital marketing system put in place. People think I send out all the emails they get, they don't know that I have created those emails as far back as 2015 and programmed them to send automatically based on some set triggers. I have google adverts constantly running to automate refilling our client pipeline. 

Every month, I spend between N50,000 and N200,000 on digital automation (automated digital marketing and e-process automation). It is a lot but I get value for the money too. Rather than employ a personal assistant and a digital marketing staff, I achieve even much more with less and can adjust as I desire without looking mean (firing anybody). 

Finally, being accustomed to paying to automate my online based activities is helping me get comfortable with paying other people to do some of our offline business activities. So I no longer think with the mindset of I can do this easily and better why pay someone else. I now think in terms of will I be getting value for the money even if I could do better myself (but as I can't do everything).


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