Now Making Blog Posts Once In Two Days

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I've got my hands in a lot of things and now have to re-prioritize. One of the changes I have concluded to make is to limit my blog posts to one in two days rather than the daily posts I previously committed to.

It would be nice to say this would improve the quality of the posts you'll get from me going forward. It would be nice to say that I am making this change to serve you all better. It would be nice to say I am doing this just because of you. Maybe I should and find a way to fully convince myself that they are 100% true. But the one truth I don't need to convince myself about is that I am doing this because of me -- to keep fully sane and make more bearable my workload.

Everyday, I am thinking of what I could cut down on to free more time for me and be able to tackle bigger strategic things. And recently, I found out that I am doing too many things that I could outsource (pay someone else to do). It may be hard to pay someone else for what I could do better myself (and already do) but if I want to stop being stressed out and always in want of time, I have to. 

That is why I have outsourced my web app development. Due to the huge cost (the iTunes gift card ecommerce site is costing us N600,000 and monthly running costs; the stock analysis app will definitely cost way way more) I am now focusing on our most marketable ideas. The ones that we can charge for from the day one. I have also engaged freelance writers to generate articles for the investment and personal finance forum, One asked for N10,000 per article and another asked for N7,500 per article. The only one who said N10,000/month for 4 - 5 articles says she's not skilled in the investment and personal finance area, so I'll have to guide and support her. I tried to get a good deal from the N10,000/article person and will probably add the N10,000/month person. So will have two people contributing to the forum regularly to fill it with relevant and fresh content.

I am still thinking about what more I can outsource and translate the time freed + output to business growth.


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