The Nigeria I See. Happy Independence!

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Today, I learned the Nigerian Pledge in French special thanks to my French teacher

What Nigeria do I see?

Being a Nigerian and living in Nigeria is not the best thing to happen to anyone, on average that is. We rank pretty low on every good metric -- from average income to life expectancy. But for me, I have made the conscious effort of making my Nigerian nationality and residency the best advantage I have. I have deliberately made it the best thing to happen to me.

I try to water the grass in my corner of the earth. I even go about with my own sunshine as sometimes it's like the government is bent on spreading dark clouds everywhere. I am already seeing encouraging success. Gradually, my grass is getting greener. Not as green as maybe many people outside Nigeria have theirs but I am happy. Seeing progress gives me hope that my tomorrow is going to be better than today, and that is a great reason to be grateful to God for everything -- including making me a Nigerian.

The Nigeria I see is one of opportunity, adventures, testimonies, many joys, victories and progress. For me. And for everyone who keeps himself from the bad blood some people are trying to spread around.

Nigeria is not perfect. Not even close. There are many things wrong that have very easy fix. There are too many things to complain about. There are many sources of excuse to not achieve one's potentials. There are too many reasons to want to leave. But my message today is one of inner strength.

I now attend Covenant Christian Centre. Pastor Poju told us during his sermon today that strife is a corrosive agent. It destroys what already exists and sucks the energy for great exploits. That we should always keep away from strife and never let anyone recruit us into theirs. That Abraham understood it and was well willing to come low to his nephew, Lot, telling him to pick the land he wants and he will content himself with one far from his so that their employees/servants will no longer fight over resources (strife). 

Today, as a repentant benchwarmer, I repreach that message to you. Let go of all strife, especially with our fellow Nigerians. It will destroy what we have and drain us of energy to create the future Nigeria our children deserve. 

Let us make the positive change that is within our power to make. Water your own corner. Use your votes judiciously when the time comes. But don't wish your non-politician brother any harm. If you wish the political one harm, I understand and will even help pray to God to forgive you for your good sin. Okay, seriously, don't wish anybody harm. Engage in no strife. Free your mind and energy for positive exploits.

God bless non-politician Nigerians! God bless Nigeria! And God reserve some blessings for the politician Nigerians. Happy Independence!


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