Finally Thinking Of Dipping my Toes In Real Estate


In our Excel training class for Abuja folks that ended yesterday, we got talking about real estate investment. I asked if there is as much hype about buying land and properties as we have currently going on in Lagos. The discussion got very interesting with some sprinkles of inspiring testimonies, and now I have decided to do at least one real estate investment.

I am thinking of picking somewhere with high growth potential, problem free and not very expensive. Where do you recommend? Or do you have someone I should be talking to?

Also what are the precautions I should take and how do I verify that the land is problem free and that I am dealing with the rightful owners?

I will deeply appreciate any guidance and definitely share my learning experience with you all. Also one more thing: should I do Lagos, Ogun or Abuja?


  1. So do u invest in Real estate now?. I have dis feelings that deir Returns re lesser than Tbills.

    1. Not yet. All the options/offers I see are not compelling + safe enough.


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