I Have Restarted My Online MBA

Mixed news -- I have restarted my online MBA. I still don't know how I will make out the time for the class work and assignments/projects but I think the whole effort and money spent will be worth it in the end.

So yesterday, I paid some of my outstanding fees and enrolled for one of the seven remaining modules. In all I have 12 modules and they are listed below.

  1. MBALN-603 Decision Making Methods & Tools         Completed
  2. MBALN-609 Organisations & HR Management         Completed
  3. MBALN-611 Business Economics                                 Completed
  4. MBALN-622 Financial Management                         In-progress
  5. MBALN-667 Strategic Marketing                                 Completed
  6. MBALN-670 Operations & Quality Management         Yet to Start
  7. MBALN-612 Financial & Managerial Accounting         Completed
  8. MBALN-685 Corporate Strategy                                 Failed
  9. MBALN-701 Organizational Behavior                         Yet to Start
  10. MBALN-703 Business Ethics                                         Unavailable
  11. MBALN-707 Entrepreneurship and SME's                 Yet to Start
  12. MBALN-736A Enterprise Information Systems                 Yet to Start

I had enrolled for seven out of the 12 modules before now, but right in the middle of the seventh one the result of the sixth came out and I was failed because of plagiarism. I wrote the professor explaining that I didn't plagiarize but he trusted the Turnitin plagiarism software more than my word. I was very demoralized and lost all motivation to continue, so I pulled out from the seventh module and wrote the school to defer for a year. Now it's been two years and I feel I should just complete it and not let money and previous efforts go to waste. Especially when I have been having solid grades before the unfortunate incident.

I should have been done by now. And in 2016 graduated. Maybe now be thinking of how to make the MBA count. Such is life. It is only what you do that gets done, not just what you started.

Now that I am back, I hope to not encounter any disheartening events and go on to successfully complete the entire MBA by next year. Making it a four year programme, 2014 - 2018, instead of the two year programme it should have been, 2014 - 2016.

One big lesson I have taken away from it all is that time does really speed by. And more than marking our birthdays we should be worried about filling each year with targeted activities. We should do more of the things we would be proud we have done and try to focus more on success than failure. I was too confident of my success that I wasn't prepared to accept failing at a course for a reason that I didn't hold true. It made it look like all my hard work went to waste and I couldn't learn anything useful from it because I didn't agree with the professor's judgement. So I just projected that into future efforts, that even when I put in my best, one annoying software called Turnitin can make it all futile by marking my work as plagiarized. 

Anyway, now I am less proud and more willing to embrace whatever outcome I get while still putting in my best. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck and godspeed. You need it now more than ever...

    1. Well ,
      It is a good decision,
      I am also a student remain with two modules,
      It needs determination.

  2. You have taking the crucial step in re-enrolling and, you seems to have shown more resolve in completing the program outstanding modules.The only way is up and very good luck to you.

  3. Hello, please what schooo/online platform are you enrolled with for your MBA?

  4. Good luck with your studies, I am currently enrolled in the same school, and had a bit of issues which left me demoralized. However, I decided to continue, I started in Dec 2014 and I am still on it because I had to redo 2 courses. What I learnt along the line is that when you have an issue with a lecturer who is unwilling to resolve it, the best way to address the issue is to inform the school and forward evidence of your communication (mostly emails) so that they can help you.

    1. Wow! How experiences are very similar. I am also redoing two modules due to that issue I described. I abandoned the current module I was doing when that issue happened so now I have to redo that one too.

      Now I know a better way to handle such situations. Thanks!

  5. Please you are not alone. I started in October 2014 and I Have one more module (MBALN-736A - Enterprise Information Systems) to complete. In fact I had to withdraw at a point when I was writing Corporate strategy

  6. It's such a relief to read you guys. It's been so stressful for me. Handling work and home...three little kids. Well done guys. I'm just at the fourth module..strategic marketing. I thought I hated statistics but right now, I'd rather do stastistics than this crazy module.


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