Need Your Advice: Creating A Power BI Dashboard From My Data App

Currently I have this particular Power BI Dashboard from just the stocks section of my Nigerian Market Data app.

I have been using them to keep track of my stocks investment and analysis. Especially, the Power BI dashboard one.

Now I am considering making a dashboard for the others: 
1) Nigerian GDP Growth rate,
2) Nigerian Unemployment rate,
3) Nigerian Population,
4) Nigerian Oil Production data,
5) Nigerian Inflation rate,
6) Nigerian CBN Interest rate,
7) Nigeria Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI),
8) Stock indices across the world, and
9) Top 44 countries currency exchange rates with base in Nigerian Naira.

Which are the top four you would like to keep tabs on? 


  1. The first 4 you listed are actually the top four I will be interested in. If you can make space for five then the purchasing managers index would be just fine.


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