ScaleUp Lab Unique Accelerator Programme by FATE Foundation

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ScaleUp Lab by FATE Foundation is a unique Accelerator Programme aimed at providing targeted support to early-stage high-potential and growth-driven ventures within the growth sectors of the Nigerian economy namely; Agribusiness, Creatives, Health and Education. 

The objectives of the ScaleUp Lab are:
  • Identify early stage high potential startup entrepreneurs within the target growth sectors (Agribusiness, Creatives, Health and Education) and position them for growth.
  • Improve success rate outcomes of high potential high impact startup businesses in the target sectors.
  • Create opportunities for agriculture startups to scale up and impact domestic productivity levels within their respective value chains while also creating jobs and improving livelihoods.

  • ScaleUp Labis a 3-6 month accelerator programme and comprises the following sector tracks:
    In each sector track, the ScaleUp Lab provides targeted learning, mentoring, business model improvement, access to market and funds support to boost the following areas:
    • Refined business model
    • Improved product lines
    • More efficient operating structures
    • Better skilled entrepreneurs and business teams
    • Access to market and market expansion
    • Access to required funding
    • High growth and scale
    • Increased revenues and profit margin
    Each Sector Track will only select 10 fellows per year. Whether in startup or early stage, your business will benefit from the Scaleup Lab Accelerator Programme by having customized support that meets your needs.
    Click Here to Apply for the Agribusiness Accelerator Programme


    The Agribusiness Accelerator Programme is for Nigerian entrepreneurs within the agribusiness space at early stage (2-4 years), looking to scale, expand their market reach and/or attract potential investors. The programme duration is 6 months and includes a one-week acceleration bootcamp, interactive workshops, consulting sessions, business support services, one-on-one and group mentoring sessions with a team of seasoned faculty members.

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    • Call for Application
    • Shortlisting & Enrolment of 10 Agribusiness Entrepreneurs
    • Agribusiness Bootcamp
    • Gap Assessment:
      • Product/Service Development and Scale
      • Operational Capacity Improvement
      • Access to Market
      • Access to Finance
    • Develop Growth Plan of Individual Participants
    • Implementation of Accelerator Support in line with Growth Plan
    • Demo Day
    • Graduation of Fellows


    • Increased capacity to scale and build sustainable Agribusinesses
    • Mentoring support provided by Nigerian entrepreneurs and expert Agribusiness professionals and Institutions
    • Access to target market
    • Increased revenue and profitability potentials
    • Improved people and financial management practices
    • Access to specialised funding opportunities


    Applicant must be
    • A Nigerian citizen (male or female)
    • Between ages 21-35 as at July 31st, 2017
    • An entrepreneur operating in the agribusiness sector
    • A CAC registered business in startup – early years stage (Only one participant per business will be accepted)
    • Available to participate full-time in the one-week bootcamp between (Monday, August 7, 2017 - Friday, August 11, 2017) and all other activities required throughout the duration of the programme.
    • Able to cover all personal, transportation or communication costs throughout the duration of the programme.


    Application opens on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 and closes on Sunday, July16, 2017. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
    Apply Here 


    Completed applications will be evaluated by the Agribusiness Accelerator Programme Review Committee. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.Successful applicants in the first round will be invited for interview after which 10 entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the programme.


    Start of Programme: The Agribusiness Accelerator Programme will commence in July 2017 with an orientation session and a one-week accelerator bootcamp in Lagos. This will be followed by a one-to-one GAP Analysis to help each entrepreneur develop an individual growth plan and tailored roadmap that addresses the needs of the business.
    Programme Sessions: There will be about 6 meetups every two weeks for capacity building through peer learning and feedback, workshop and coaching sessions, one-to-one mentoring and a follow-up on each company’s progress. Entrepreneurs will have opportunities to meet and interact with several entities including partners, mentors, investors, and experienced entrepreneurs. Finally, a demo-day will be held after the meetups for business showcase and pitching to potential funding partners.
    End of Programme: The programme will close out with presentation of certificates at the FATE Annual Celebration in December 2017.


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