July 2017 Webinar: Getting Comfortable With Microsoft Excel VBA

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For this month's webinar, we will be exploring the powerful Microsoft Excel VBA.

Too many people wrongly think that VBA is hard or just for core programmers.

I will be helping you  see the benefits of learning Excel VBA and then help you make your first steps into becoming proficient at Microsoft Excel VBA.

In this webinar, I will be showing you:
1. How to record Excel VBA macros
2. How to edit recorded Excel VBA macros
3. How to carry out simple tasks with Excel VBA
4. How to work with Userforms
5. And introducing you to loops, the backbone of Excel VBA coding

Ultimately, I don't expect you to become proficient by participating in this webinar. The goal is to get you started and comfortable with exploring Excel VBA. To take away any fear you have for it and replace those fears with a curious admiration.

So don't miss it!

Venue: YouTube live
Date: 4:00pm - 5:00pm, Wednesday 19, July 2017

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