You Don't Need Everything To Be Perfect

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It is very easy to look at other people's lives from afar, to look at successful businesses from afar and feel like they have gotten everything right. 


One of the biggest benefits I have gotten from being a Microsoft MVP is the exclusive email group Microsoft made for us. Reading through the discussions in the mail and occasionally participating has made me see the realities big successful businesses, world renowned consultants and the people I look up to face. And one striking lesson I found is that no one has it perfect.

Everything will not be perfect and, more importantly, you don't need everything to be perfect. 

If you put yourself out there, you will get some things right and you will stumble at some things. There is never going to be a time you will get everything right no matter how hard you try. So it is best to acknowledge that reality and not give yourself unreasonable goals. Especially goals that you tie other goals to.

Don't try to have a perfect business plan before you start a business. The moment you start a business your business plan becomes imperfect, so it is seeking a fool's paradise to want a perfect business plan first. 

Don't indefinitely postpone the adventures and interesting things you want to do till when you are rich enough to afford them all. For every super rich guy living the life of his dream, there are over a thousand not so rich guys living their dreams. Most of the people who have traveled the world and visited all the interesting places in the world are just regular not-so rich guys who went after their goals with little regard to the resources they have.

You don't need to be perfect, you only need to be bold and daring.


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