Amazing Courses For $9.99 and $15 On Udemy. Some have 97% Price Slash. Ending Soon.

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Udemy is offering as much as 97% discount on a lot of their courses. If you access them from the web you'll pay $15 for even courses that cost $669 and if you want to play smart like me, you'll get them for $9.99 if you install their phone app and buy the courses from there.

In fact, I am also putting up my Excel training course on Udemy so I can make some money there too. But today's post is not about that. Today's post is about how you can sign up for great courses and learn that skill you've been wanting to learn, that will increase your career options and may your CV more attractive, for less than the price of a textbook!

Here is the web access, Udemy but I'll suggest you go via the app Acesss: Udemy iOS app and Udemy Android app.

Web Screenshots

And the App Screenshots

I hope you found one or two courses you would be glad to part with $9.99 per course for.


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