The Best Way To Turn Your Fortune Around For Good

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I have seen people's fortune turn: from good to bad and from bad to good. Some happen lightning fast, either due to a catastrophe their lives hit the rock and they almost sink, or through some miraculous happening they come into some wealth and their lives take off. But most change of fortune happen slowly. One person's life improves one small bit at a thing over several years while another's stagnates while the world around him speeds by. This is the one everyone of us can control.


Unfortunately, a lot of us seek the lightning fast change of fortune for good. Our plans often require chancing upon some luck. People do hit lightning fast change of fortune for good, but they are the exceptions not the norm. I would advocate you aim after the slow and sure path to changing your fortune.

I believe taking a scientific approach to life is more rewarding than taking a jungle man's approach to life. Even God has everything ordered; He made things, even the ones we feel are random, follow some definite order. And that is why we are able to come up with all these laws of nature, physics laws and weather predictions. Even the outer space is not disorderly. He didn't leave the rotation of the earth that causes night and day to chance. He didn't leave the revolution of the earth round the sun that causes seasons to luck. He didn't even leave your birth to chance. He is the chief scientist. He has everything well planned and nothing left to chance. So I'm sure He cringes when we don't try to continue in the example He has set for us.

Even if you take a look at the world. The best countries aren't the lucky ones, the ones blessed with an abundance of natural resources and no natural disaster. The best countries are the ones who took a scientific approach to improving themselves, they left nothing to chance and took the long small bit at a time improvement path. They document and examine everything that happens to them, they evaluate their progress and make adjustments, they find the reason for the successes and failures and they go for the long term always. 

We've been lucky as country and we are the perfect example that luck always runs out. When it comes to a lasting way of turning your fortune, you need to be like Japan and United Arab Emirates (where Dubai is). You need to plan your way to it, go at it slowly and scientifically. Pray for success and not luck.


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