Some of The Crazy Things I Have Done Online

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I once read a book that tried proving that every good happening is connected to a catastrophe happening somewhere else. That whenever you have things going smooth it's because someone else is having things going tough for him. That your wealth is the result of someone else's poverty. That your health is the cause of some environmental harm. That every good can be traced to a bad and every bad can be traced to a good.

I don't know how true that is universally, but I think it is true for my reclusive lifestyle. It is the cause of my extroversion online. There is almost no limit to what I would attempt online. I don't even need to write a memoir or have my biography written, it is already spread openly online. You can know me than my offline friends do by following my online activities.


So, today I will be sharing with you a list of what I have attempted online. It's not going to be a comprehensive list but a crazy one.
  1. I bought my iPhone 5 from someone online whom I don't know or can even verify the claim of the conditions of the phone. The crazy part is that I can't return it because there is no return address. It is the equivalent of going to Alaba market to buy "no-testing" TV. You accept whatever you get.
  2. I bought a keyboard for less than N6,000 and shipped it here with N12,000. 
  3. I currently have a US bank account, address and phone number. All gotten online. And legally too. 
  4. I also have a Euro bank account and will soon get a Euro mastercard linked to it. Again, legally gotten online. I will soon open an Ebay store to sell iTunes gift cards.
  5. Talking about iTunes gift cards. I currently make money selling iTunes gift card online. If you have a US iTunes account and need to fund your iTunes account, don't forget to contact me.
  6. I have a Netflix account, Spotify account and they are active. Yet, there is no Netflix access and Spotify service in Nigeria. The online world is an interesting one. As long as what you want is legal, you can always get it.
  7. I had my company brochure designed by a genius in Luxembourg. My Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile banner image was designed by a not-so great guy in Pakistan.
  8. I got a job with a US multinational company as a Valuation Analyst, on probation at first, without meeting anyone offline or even speaking to anyone offline. All via email correspondence and online job test. I would be joining the Merger and Acquisition team with HQ in Dubai and working remotely from Lagos. I was given all I needed to get the job done, timelines and deliverables. Again, no offline interaction. I quit during the probation due to my demanding full-time work then.
  9. I paid someone to make payment for me on a site that doesn't accept payment from Nigerian cards. He charged me extra but I was thrilled to know that there is always a way round the strictest restrictions.
  10. I have an international calling plan. I can call US, Canada, Japan and over 40 other countries for free upon paying the $14/monthly fee. It is even linked to both my US and Nigerian phone number.
  11. I spend more online than offline. I have even ordered clothes, belt and cuff-links from as far away as UK.
And those are the crazy ones I can type for now. There are others I'm not yet willing to share and others I can remember as I am typing all this in 30 mins.


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