In-depth Excel, Executive Dashboards & Business Data Analysis training on 19 and 20 June 2015

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This training is aimed at making you extremely good in Microsoft Excel, dashboard making and business data analysis, teaching you with live business scenarios. It's intended for Sales Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, MIS Analysts, HR Executives and power Excel users. 

The next training is coming up on Friday 19th June 2015 to Saturday 20th June 2015. There are just 10 slots open. You will get lunch, a branded DVD with over 20 training videos and practice files, training notepad with pen and a training certificate from us (a registered Microsoft Partner). The training will be facilitated by a Microsoft recognized Excel Expert and the only Microsoft Excel MVP in Africa (there are just about 125 in the world). We have participants of our trainings from Citi Bank, Dalberg, SaveTheChildren, Mobil, Total, Vodacom, Nestle, Nigerian Breweries, Delta Afrik, LATC Marine, Broll, Habanera (JTI), SABMiller, Airtel and DDB. 

Reach Michael on 08089382423, 08063125227 and or Hannah on 08021180874 and to register. 

Venue: Kristina Jade Learning Center, 70b Olorunlogbon street, Off Alade Lawal street, Idiroko b/stop, Anthony Village, Lagos. 

The training outline is: 

1) Data Manipulation in Excel 
a. How Excel handles different data types 
b. Data consistency, starting with the end in view 
c. Building Datasheets that can easily scale 
d. Sorting 
i. Cascaded sorting 
ii. Sorting across rows (left to right sorting, not the usual up to down sorting) 
iii. Sorting and Conditional Formatting to identify trends 
e. Filtering 
f. Data cleaning 
i. Removing duplicates 
ii. Text-to-column 
iii. Grouping 
iv. Data Validation 
v. Conditional Formatting 
g. Data formatting 
i. Using Tables (and when to convert to tables) 
ii. Formatting for printing 
iii. Formatting for email 
iv. Data Review and formatting for 3rd party use 
h. Named Ranges 

2) Charts 
a. Chart types 
i. Line chart and when to use it 
ii. Column chart and when to use it 
iii. Bar chart and when to use it 
iv. Pie chart and it’s dangers 
b. Combining charts; when and how. 
c. Dynamic Charts, using filter. 
d. Best practices when making charts 
e. Sparklines 
f. Power Map and Power View (Excel 2013) 

3) Pivot Table, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot 
a. Pivot Table 
i. Default Pivot Table 
ii. Tabular Pivot Table 
iii. Pivot Table Filtering 
iv. Making a very dynamic regular table from Pivot Table 
v. Calculations and Formula use with Pivot Table 
vi. Advanced Pivot Table tricks 
b. Pivot Chart 
i. Pivot Chart and its limitations 
ii. Dynamic Pivot Charts 
c. PowerPivot (for Excel 2010 and 2013) only 

4) Business Data Analysis 
a. Linking sheets 
b. Duplicating sheets (better than copy and paste) 
c. Inserting sheets, labeling and coloring the professional way 
d. Freezing Panes and splitting windows 
e. Conditional formatting 
i. To identify patterns 
ii. Using formulae 
iii. To make extremely intelligent reports 
f. Lookup functions 
i. Vlookup 
ii. Hlookup 
iii. Looking up the last data or pattern in a particular row or column 
iv. Overcoming the limitations of Vlookup and Hlookup using index and match functions 
g. Power Functions 
i. IF, IFERROR, AND, OR, ISBLANK, and others in the same family 
ii. TEXT manipulative functions to make a completely automated Dashboard 
iii. COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS and others, to make dynamic summary tables 
iv. MATCH and INDEX to do the impossible 
h. Other Functions 
i. Math Functions 
ii. Text Functions 
iii. Logical 
iv. Others 
i. Formula Auditing 
j. Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Solver 
k. Excel Web Query 
l. Most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts 

5) Executive Dashboards and Reporting 
a. Best Practices
b. Executive Dashboards
i. Executive Dasboards 
ii. Dynamic Reports 
iii. Determining the KPIs and tracking them 
iv. Strategic Insights & Analysis 
c. Data Visualization
d. Having the audience/recipient in mind
e. E-mails and Excel reports

6) Excel to PowerPoint and Word 
a. Linking PowerPoint/Word Charts to Excel
b. Embedding Excel sheets in PowerPoint/Word
c. Making a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

Don't forget to register for it of forward to someone who is interested!

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