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Yesterday I finally put in place the new webinar platform we would be using to host all our webinars and special e-Events. And it's easy to subscribe to our webinar directory so you will always be the first to know of the highly educative, productivity boosting and career improving webinars we plan to host monthly.

You can sign up here: Webinar VIP Directory

Join our Webinar VIP Directory

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Also you can save our webinar link, 

With that link, all you need to remember is the time of the webinar. For example, the Power BI webinar is next Thursday (June 25, 2015) and the time is 3:00pm. So once it's 3pm next week Thursday, you simply type into your computer or phone browser and you will be automatically connected to the webinar. It's a seamless process and doesn't require you downloading or setting up anything. But if you join our Webinar VIP Directory you will be sent an email invitation to every webinar we host and you can accept or decline any invitation you get.

Also if you have suggestions of what you'll like us to cover in one of the webinars, feel free to let us know. Maybe it's something you've been wanting to know more about and you believe others will benefit from that knowledge too.


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