Your Value Proposition

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You might have not heard that phrase bundled with an individual pronoun in a sentence. In other words, you might not have come across a situation where value proposition of a person is considered; all the cases you have come across are companies.


Value proposition is almost like the mission statement of a regular company. It details what will make the company very dear to its customers and have them keep paying for the company's products/services. The company's all-time strategy. A recent example is Mark Zuckerberg's re-iteration,  three days ago, of Facebook's all-time strategy: "This may sound a little ridiculous to say, but for us, products don't really get that interesting to turn into businesses until they have about a billion people using them,"

Here's a company focused more on getting users than everything else. It bought Whatsapp for $19 billion even though it was making a loss. It has now pledged to spend more on long term projects that will get people onto the internet in the poorest part of the world and ultimately get them to use Facebook. But lots of investors think that the cost of acquiring those new users are unreasonably high and have been dumping their Facebook shares.

Another company is Amazon. A company that has put it's major competitors out of business; yet it has made more losses than profits since its 17 years of existence. It has made it clear that what matters is the market share it grabs rather than profit. Its value propositions are centered on price and convenience to grab all the competition's customers.

Remember my article on why you need to run your life like a business and think like a company? Then you will know that you should have a value proposition too. Your all-time strategy that guides you in all you do. It will set you apart professionally.

My value proposition is to provide easy to use innovative solutions. And that's why even my blog posts are easy to read with an innovative curve. I value simplicity above number of users. I also give up a lot of earning hours to upgrade my skill and be innovative always. If I were a big company I would have not so many clients that I provide premium quality solutions they can't get anywhere else and that are very easy to use.

What is your own value proposition?


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