I've Sold Almost All My Shares. And Why.

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Two months ago I sold 95% of my shares in the stock market. I didn't sell them because I suddenly went bearish on the stock market or because I found something wrong with the companies whose stock I held. I didn't sell them to open a Forex trading account. I didn't sell them to buy treasury bills. I didn't sell them to invest in bonds. I didn't sell them to fund my money market fund nor did I sell them to fix the proceeds in my fixed account.

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I sold them to invest in my business. I even went further to take out almost everything in my ARM Discovery fund account. I now have almost zero investments in the stock market. I took all those money and put it in a much better investment: my business. 

It makes no sense for me to quit my job and work everyday on my business, and put my money in other people's business. Especially at the stage where my business is just starting and will require every cash I could put into it. I strongly believe that I can get more returns for my money by investing it in my business than putting it in any company trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. I do not deprive my business of anything I can afford. 

Success in business is dependent more on persistence than on any other thing. I have my obvious shortcomings that make me a terrible business manager. My technical personality that made it possible for me to start the business is now the very thing hindering it from growing fast. But the good thing is that I am not the first or the only one on this very path. I have seen many people follow similar paths, and I am impressed enough by their level of success that I am not in a hurry to become less technical. If being technically sound is what comes natural to me, then I am going to be the best resource person in my chosen field. I am going to produce the highest quality jobs, write a lot about what I do and give conference talks. 

So I sold my shares to buy the business resources I need, the books I need and the online presence I want. And left the remainder as my working cash. I am acquiring skills I see no one around me having and getting the business experience to master those skills. I read a lot of industry news and analysis of the future business demands. I try to position myself at the front, becoming proficient at the best tools and understanding the global trend. I want to provide the same value my clients can get anywhere else in the world. I want to compete on a global quality level. And it all requires a lot of time, learning and money investment. I'm very young and so have the time. I am already learning a lot. And now I have put all my money where I need it most: my business.


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