The Perfect Life Myth

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The perfect life does not exist and the sooner you realize that the easier you'll find life.

I don't just mean that no one's life is trouble-free; I mean no one's life is an ideal one to have others pattern theirs after. There will always be a part that is imperfect. Today marks the day Nigeria got independence 54 years ago and everyone of us knows the very change required to make Nigeria great. Some even go ahead to create that great Nigeria we all want. They take up responsibilities no one wants to take up and are not in a hurry to see the Nigeria they desire because they know that there is no perfect life/country anywhere.

The perfect life is a myth.
Oftentimes, we read about the progress others are making via Facebook and feel that we are the only ones lagging behind. We see amazing pictures of what they are doing and where they are. We begin to feel that some do actually have the perfect life. Unfortunately, that perfect life does not exist. No one is living a perfect life. Stop spending too much time on Facebook reading about the successes of a few people you know. They share only the things going right in their lives. They give you the false perception that they have a perfect life.

Whenever you are tempted to believe someone else is living a perfect life, then, you should google the biography of the men and women you consider very great. Read a detailed article on their biography and you will find out the even you heroes have feet of clay. No one has a perfect life.


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