A Good Sailor Is Not Made By A Calm Sea

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We would probably be the best sailors in the world if Nigeria were a sea. There is almost nothing calm about this country. There are thousands, even millions, of people who are sick of the country's tumultuous inclination and are now US, UK and Canadian immigrants. The survival ability they learned here have made it easy for them to thrive in those other countries.

No good sailor is ever a product of calm seas. No one who is good at his craft never had it tough in the beginning. No one who wants to be great in life should seek only the easy path. People should let go of their ambitions to move to a much better country. The grass is only greener where it is watered.

We are the excellent sailors this broken system has produced and we are the only ones who can sail through the cracks to fix the system for the generations coming after us. If we don't do it, if we don't take up the great tasks God has equipped us for by placing us in Nigeria and if we don't take up risks like a sailor, we will never have the Nigeria we deserve.

In every great country, some people decided to do the hard tasks. They looked beyond the personal consequences of their actions and took it upon themselves to be the hidden blocks in the foundation of that nation. They sailed for dangerous missions. They faced more troubles than the regular people and got the hard skills needed to accomplish their mission. 

They did not fill up newspapers with criticism of the sea (system). They did not focus on exploiting the weaknesses of the system, doing only things that would favour them. They did not bother about having the most luck; they adjusted their sails when the winds were against them rather than waiting till the winds blew in their favour. They worked silently and hard, doing what must be done.

Nigeria needs more like them. Everywhere you encounter the cracks in our current system you see the vacancy sign and feel the great need for them. They work in the background laying the hidden blocks of the foundation a great nation needs. They work at night watering our grass so has to make it greener. They work hard for so little to offset the terrible national effect of those who take more than their efforts deserve. They do the unfashionable. They do what must be done. And today you can choose to become one of them. You can choose to stay and sail.


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