Yes. You need to get yourself a BAG: a big audacious goal.


Don't just think big, also aim big. Dream big. Have a big audacious goal. A goal that lies outside the circle of your capability. A goal that you are not 100% sure you can achieve but will give your best attempt at, nonetheless. A goal that is like nothing you've ever done before and comparable to the most daring goals you've come across.

And why?

Fulfillment in life comes only as a result of attempting and achieving a great goal. It doesn't come by living an average life or attempting only the things you are sure of achieving. Even if you list the ten most memorable moments of your life, chances are that they would all be the moments you achieved something you never thought you would. I will never forget passing both WAEC (with great result) and NECO (with all distinctions) before I clocked 14. I didn't finish my SS2 and completely skipped SS3. (Too bad JAMB wiped off the time gain). Another one is the MVP award I got this year. These were all goals I attempted but wasn't sure I would achieve, and they gave me some of the most memorable moments of my life.

Going through life without some definite goal is like playing a victim of circumstance. And having simple easy goals is depriving yourself of the best you can achieve and the positive motivation that comes from aiming high. Like everyone, you will experience ups and downs but when you have a big goal you are focused on achieving, you more easily recover from the downs and get back into the life race as you know the goal you are after is worth more than all the troubles you face. Having a bug audacious goal gives you a positive mindset, makes you resilient and puts you on a path of steady growth.

Right now, my big audacious goal is web app development. It's almost like changing careers. I want to be able to create the online versions of my Excel dashboards and build the stock analysis website I have always dreamed off.  My focus is on providing business data analysis solutions you can use right from your phone, iPad and laptop without having to install Excel. And incorporating web-only features. I have begun pursuing the goal and already aware that it will take me a fairly long time. Everyday, I take steps towards achieving the goal. I spend a lot on books and resources that will improve my chances of achieving the goal. I cut back on my Excel jobs to have more time to read the books I have bought and to practice. It's now my biggest daily motivation, knowing that each day brings me closer to its realization. It's my BAG.


  1. Your programming dreams sometimes may me want to be a programmer but at the same time, it intimidates me, Still confused

  2. Hello Doc,

    Please don't be confused o. Programming could be fun once you just dive head in without paying much attention to books. For web programming HTML is the bedrock, so I feel you are already learning the most important part of web programming.

    Thanks for taking out time to read my posts and for even going further to leave a comment.

  3. You are most welcome my oga. lol. It's nothing really, a good writer has to be a good reader, and not just a good reader, a good reader of good writings. Yours definitely qualify as very good writings.

    I have been following, and have read everyone of your articles in the last two months. Not to talk of the few others from yester-years.

  4. I particularly liked this one It made me join audible and listen to Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. Great book, changed my perspective a bit, reinforced some ideas, and made me feel good. Slept off while listening to it anyway.

  5. I can see it is even one of your most popular articles. Are you sure you live in Nigeria? lol. Or you are an American behaving like you stay in naija. lol. Anyway, you are cool. And you are good.

  6. Lol @ American staying in Nigeria.

    You are right. It's one of my most popular posts. Maybe it's time I updated the list of most impactful books.

    Thanks for your time and comments!


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