The Joy Of Reading

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If you don't enjoy reading then you must be reading the wrong books. Sadly, we all have to read wrong books once in a while. Certification exam books, product manuals and other very boring books. I remember the feeling of freedom I had upon graduating from the university, no longer would I have to read uninteresting books. I gave away almost all my books, even the very expensive ones like Theraja Theraja. 

Now I read about 10 books a month. I find reading a joy. And it's because I only read the books that interest me; be it a comic book or a novel. The right books for you are simply the books that interest you. The more you read the books you love, the more the books you will love and the more you will find reading a joy.


Two days ago I finished a book on Balanced Scorecard development, I needed it for a volunteer job I am doing for an international NGO based in the Americas. I only read the parts I found interesting in the book. Gone are the days I force myself to read a book cover to cover; I have no exam to read the book for. I don't let anything deny me the fun in reading. Yesterday, I read two books on journalistic and creative writing. I already write daily, what I need is a more structured learning of the professional way to write and how to use the AP style guide I paid for. Again, I read only the parts I found interesting.

I buy close to 15 books a month. Already bought over 10 this month. It's almost like I waste money on books. If I don't buy any book for the next 5 years and just focus on reading the ones I have bought, I already have enough to engage me for 4 hours every day of that 5 years. I buy books on impulse and read on impulse, I can shuffle between 5 books in one day. What is certain is that I read daily, and usually a lot. I can spend 10 hours at a stretch reading a technical book.

The one thing I avoid is reading a boring book. I often feel sad when I buy a very boring book but I feel much worse when I force myself to read the book. I have books I don't intend reading and that I bought with my hard earned money. And I still keep buying books, more books than I can read. 

If you look through my library, more of an e-library as a I prefer Kindle books, you will find books on French, Finance, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Excel, Data Analysis, Classics, Novels, Swimming, Public Speaking, Philosophy, Programming, Web design, History, Biographies and FBI interrogation tactics. I also have a yearly subscription for The Economist. I even consider one of my talents to be the ability to convert book knowledge to practical knowledge. I don't read to have stuff to argue about with people, I read solely for the purpose of doing something tangible or risky with the knowledge I acquire. It makes reading a very rewarding and fun activity. And I read anywhere. There is no noise too loud to distract me while reading or any sudden event too shocking to keep me from reading. When I'm not happy I find comfort in reading some specific books. I read more than I sleep.


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