My iPhone Apps and How I Share My iPhone Screen With My PC

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I have few iPhone Apps because I installed only the apps I need and use.

Notice that I have 89,695 unread emails. Whenever I come across people who say they maintain zero unread emails by reading the important mails and deleting the unimportant ones, I tell myself that it's because they don't get many mails per day or else they would have given up. I get mails every 2 to 5 mins. Trying to delete the unimportant ones will only take more time than I can give everyday. I already struggle replying to the ones that need a reply. 

My most used apps are:
1. Kindle (an eBook app)

2. Audible (an Audiobook app)

3. LinkedIn (my own Facebook)

4. OliveTree Bible (Bible)

5. Spotify (Music app)

6. Google Chrome (Browser)

7. PluralSight (Video training app)

8. The Economist (News Magazine)

I prefer watching the PluralSight training videos on my PC screen but I have it downloaded on my phone. So I decided to get a software that will let me share my iPhone screen with my PC so I can watch the videos on my bigger screen laptop and hear the audio via my laptop speakers. The software I ended up using after reading many online forums is Reflector AirPlay Receiver.

It lets me use my laptop screen as my iPhone screen and my laptop speakers as my iPhone speaker.

It uses the in-built AirPlay tool in iPhone. The same tool that allows you sync your iPhone with an AppleTV,


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