TM Lewin, Hawes & Curtis, Charles Tyrwhitt or Thomas Pink?

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I am at a job interview, a one-on-one interview. I have passed the first stage in flying colors. Inside sources say I have the highest score. My morale is all-time high. Nothing can go wrong. 
It's my turn with the interviewer, a foreigner. He begins asking me technical questions. He seems satisfied with my answers. He does not question me for long. He tells me I will get a response in a week's time. I stand to leave. Then he says  - "Michael, you're very brilliant. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but you're number one on the list. If nothing unusual happens you will be hired. But I want you to take care of your personal hygiene. Get a deodorant. You'll be interacting with clients once in a while. I hope you're not offended. But you're still young and I thought it's best I tell you." 

Those words changed my life forever.

I went online and read all I could about personal hygiene and looking perfect in the work place. I couldn't implement all I saw because I had little money. It was my first real job. So, I started with the cheap ones. On weekends I would watch BBC, paying special attention to the look and dressing of the big business men and presidents. I noticed they didn't keep beards and had no fancy haircut. So, I cut off my Wolverine beards and my treasured afro. I still remember how I would go to the salon for a haircut and afterwards, have a tough time convincing people that I just had a haircut. Now, I get a haircut 2 or 3 times a month. I bought body sprays and deodorants.

And when I had more money, I started buying TM Lewin shirts. I also bought a 12k trouser once. I wear it occasionally  But when I discovered no one noticed the difference between the 12k one and my other trousers, I didn't buy another one. But the shirts showed results immediately. It got me compliments from people. And with my slim toned body build with broad shoulders, TML's 16" and 35" looks tailor-made to my size. I stuck to the John Francomb and Milan series. They are perfect for my need.

But now I face a new problem. My TML shirts are fraying very fast. The collars of a couple have frayed so badly that I can't wear them anymore. In fact, one still looks new and was my favorite shirt, it's just that the collar's frayed terribly. And it's like that for all my TMLs, only my recent buys aren't fraying yet. So I decided to move on to other brands. I heard that TM Lewin changed their cotton supplier some years back so as to cut cost and be able to have year-round sales promo of 5 for 100 pounds. Even longtime customers are moving to other brands in the same price neighborhood - H&C, Charles Tyrwhitt, Harvie & Hudson. 

I decided to try H&C out. But I wasn't happy with my buy. H&C doesn't fit as well as TML, same slim fit. Mine even looks like a tent, the waist is too wide. I heard Charles Twyright makes better fitting slim fits. I will be trying out Charles Tyrwhitt too. 

I can't afford Thomas Pink, Budd, Hilditch & Key...


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